Gourmet Dried Herbs & Spices

We sell over 70 herbs from essentials such as Black Pepper and Bay Leaves through to speciality ingredients and blends. Let the natural flavour and aroma of pure herbs and spices infuse your dish. We offer a range of flowers and other ingredients specially selected for their colour and fragrance.

90% of our herbs are still harvested from hedgerows, meadows, forests and mountain sides. All such Wild Harvested herbs sourced by us are subjected to rigorous quality controls and no more than 10% is harvested at any one time to ensure sustainability and minimal environmental impact. All analysis is carried out by our suppliers in their own laboratories.

We do not differentiate between organic and wild harvested in our product listings as presently organic status seems to be orientated more towards politics and profit rather than quality and sustainability but you can be assured the quality of our products are second to none.

All of our herbs are sold in dried form, are of the highest grade currently available, are non irradiated & GMO free, are Wild Harvested when possible and none of our products have been tested on animals.

All our dried herbs & spices are available in unit quantities from 10g discovery pouches up to 500g bulk pouches, all have a long shelf life and are packed by hand in a food grade gusseted cellophane bag or polythene grip seal bag for larger sizes to ensure quality and freshness.

When utilising Dried Herbs for culinary use as a general rule of thumb 1 teaspoon dried herb = 1 tablespoon fresh herb.

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Showing all 36 results