Welcome to Tea & Spice

Tea & Spice is a joint collaboration between Abbey Botanicals and Wyldes Tea under the Abbey Botanicals label who are together suppliers of gourmet dried herbs, spices and loose leaf artisan & speciality teas, giving our customers the highest quality products without the associated premium price tag usually attached. We offer the best value ingredients for those interested in home cuisine, herb crafts, natural cosmetics, home brewing etc., who feel inclined to produce to their own recipes.

In our catalogue, you will find over 1000 combined items and convenient pack sizes available from small 25-gram discovery pouches up to a 950-gram bulk pouch for all our herbs & spices and our herbal infusions and speciality artisan teas. All our products are hand packed upon receipt of order to guarantee freshness and a consistent quality and we endeavour to dispatch orders within 2 working days with free standard delivery.

Although as a retailer we don’t currently sell directly to the trade buyer for resale you will find our prices relate closely to wholesale prices with many of the bulk quantities lower than you can find at standard wholesale price without a minimum order, therefore, ensuring all our customers are offered the lowest price possible at all times.