Rose Congou Tea (with Rose Petals)


Rose Congou Premium Loose Leaf Black Tea with Rose Petals – COMING SOON!



This delicately scented black tea is rich and satisfying. It is an experience that will linger long after you have finished your cup.

Produced in Fujian, China, using only the finest leaves. Picked in the early morning and fired at just the right temperature to reduce their moisture content and gently infused with the scent of Rose, through a process of layering with freshly cut roses 5 nights in a row, enhanced with rose oils and dried petals to produce an exquisite blend. A sip of our delicately scented Rose Congou will transport you to the misty terraces of China.

Brew one teaspoon (3g) of loose tea with freshly drawn boiled water (100C) for 3-5 minutes. Best enjoyed without milk and sweetened with sugar or honey, if desired.

Country of Origin – China

Ingredients – Luxury Black Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Flavours.

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